A. Greeting Someone

Examples in dialogue:

Dialogue 1

Ranti meets her teacher, MrBakri at the post office.

Ranti : Good afternoon, Sir.

MrBakri : Good afternoon. You are ….

Ranti : Ranti, Sir. My name is Ranti. How are you?

MrBakri : I am fine, thank you. And how about you?

Ranti : I am fine, too.

MrBakri : Well, Ranti. I have to go now. Pleased to meet you.

Ranti : Pleased to meet you, too, Sir.


B. Parting Someone

Examples in dialogue:

Dialogue 2

Andi : Good morning. My name is Andi.

Denias : Good morning Andi. I’m Denias.

Andi :Denias, this is Adib. We were classmates the Junior High School.

Denias : Hi, Adib. How do you do?

Adib : How do you do.

Andi : By the way, did you join pencaksilat extracurricular activity in the Junior High School?

Denias : Yes, I did.

Andi : Oh, that’s great. Adib and I have never joined it before.

Adib : We hope you can help us.

Denias : Sure.

Andi : Okay, see you this afternoon.

Adib : See you Denias.

Denias :See you.


C. Introducing Yourself and Introducing Someone

Example in dialogue:

Stacey: I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Stacey. (hold out hand to shake)

Carl: Hi Stacey. I’m Carl.

Stacey: Hi Carl. So, how do you know Jane?

Carl: Oh, Jane and I used to work together at a coffee shop.

Stacey: Oh, you mean when you were working in Japan?

Carl: That’s right. And how do you know her?

Stacey: Actually, Jane is my cousin. Our moms are sisters.

Carl: No way! You two don’t look anything alike.


D.   Genre: Recount Texts

  • Social function : to retell events for the purpose of informing or entertaining
  • Generic structure

– Orientation : provides the setting and introduces participants

– Events : tell what happened, in what sequence

– Re-orientation : optional-closure of events

  • The Characteristics of Recount Text:
  • Using the simple past tense, past continuous tense, past perfect tense, and past perfect continuous tense.
  • Using the conjunctions, such as: then, before, after, etc. 

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