Let’s learn: To use neutral qualitifiers, To describe something or large or small quantity


Quantifiers adalah kata yang menunjukan jumlah dari sesuatu (noun) dalam bahasa inggris. Kita menggunakan quantifiers ketika kita akan memberikan informasi mengenai jumlah (how many/ how much) dari sesuatu. Contoh dari Quantifiers adalah some, any, many, most, more, several, a lot of, dan lain sebagainya.

Jenis – Jenis Quantifiers

Quantifiers dibagi ke dalam 3 bagian yaitu:



-countable and uncountable.

A.Pengunaan countable and uncountable.

1. Countable Quantifiers

Countable Quantifiers merupakan kata yang menunjukan bahwa benda tersebut dapat di hitung keberadaannya.Contohnya :








-a couple of

-a large number of

-many, several

-a few/ few/ very few

-a great number of

-a number of

-a majority of



Contoh Quantifier:

Contoh Kalimat:

– She had abracelet on each arm.

– Every child received a bag.

– Both donkeys are braying at the same time.

2. Uncountable Quantifiers

Uncountable Quantifiers adalah kata yang menunjukan bahwa benda yang dimaksud tidak dapat dihitung adanya.

Contoh dari Uncountable Quantifiers adalah:

-a little/ little/ very little

-a bit of


-a great deal of

-a large amount of

-a large quantity of.



Contoh Kalimat :

– There was a bit of cheese on your upper lip.

– I don’t have much money to keep in my big wallet.

– A great deal of her work is massaging the back of patients.

– The drugs were sold for a large amount of hard cash.

3. Countable and Uncountable Quantifiers

Ada Quantifiers yang bisa digunakan oleh kedua Countable dan Uncountable Nouns.

Contohnya :

-enough, no/ none, any, some, a lot of, all, plenty of, more, less/ least.


Contoh Kalimat :

1.Countable:  There were not enough cups at the party, so I drank from the bottle.

 Uncountable: I just had enough money to buy her an ice cream.

2.Countable: Not all monkeys have tails.

Uncountable: I have been trying all morning to fix my old computer.

Definition: When words have a grammatical relationship which affects the form of one or more of the elements then they agree. We can also say that Agreement is a form of cross-reference among all parts of a sentence.

Note: Agreement is also known in some texts as Concord




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